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Lara N’ Luna is a range of delicious & distinctive customisable chocolate gifts with an extra ingredient, a secret personalized message you can send to family, friends or someone special, all wrapped in beautifully designed custom wrappers.

If you want to give somebody a unique surprise, Lara N’ Luna is for you.

When you receive your Lara N’ Luna secret message you can instantly share it on social media while enjoying our delicious chocolate. It is the perfect gift to show you care to someone special. A friend, family member, colleague or anyone you love.

…”Show you care” in a million ways!

Box Designs

Check out our range of cool, quirky and romantic designs here.

Our Story

Lara N’ Luna is the brain child of Dóri Udvardy.  Dóri is a relationship counselor who deeply understands that relationships need constant renewal.  She wished to find a way to improve relationships between people by communication and showing emotions.

At Lara N’ Luna, we are passionate about two things – chocolate and emotions. That’s why we combined the two into one.

When we started selling chocolate we asked a simple question:  When you give something, what are you really giving? More than the gift itself, it is the message and emotion that comes along with the gift.

That’s how Lara N’ Luna was born: we want to help people express themselves in a sweet way.